2020 Glacial Till Pinot Gris

December 03, 2022

This inaugural release of the Glacial Till Pinot Gris offers a very unique and intriguing initial sensation, opening with savoury, stony and herbaceous aromas with a spring-like freshness. As the wine opens up and warms in your glass, layers of golden apple, white peach and nectarine start to dance, delicately perfumed with floral nuances and hints of orange marmalade. The palate has depth, layers and texture; the rich oily mouthfeel coats the palate and offers flavours of juicy peach and apricot, while delivering a long-lasting smooth finish with a pervading green apple freshness. This is most definitely a cooler season comfort wine. The depth and structure allow this to be paired with bigger protein-rich dishes, that you might often pair a red wine with, like a juicy steak! A nice pork tenderloin or cutlet with a rosemary apple sauce or stone fruit compote also comes to mind, accompanied with a caramelized onion tart. For more of a casual grazing meal, try it with meat or cheese fondue, raclette or just a delicious cheese platter with manchego, pecorino, or strong aged cheddars.